How Health Fitness is Good For You?

The fitness represents the totality of the individual’s possibilities that allow that person to have a normal reaction to the numerous demands of the everyday life. A series of works shows the hemodynamic effects of a well body shape, obtained and cultivated by a systematic physical effort. The increasing of the effort ability is extremely helpful at the people that have problems with the heart, people that have a precarious quality of life because of some physical limitations caused by their disease. The effects of the training depends on the genetic heritage, the age, the level of the physical ability at the beginning of the training, the structure of the training program, the sickness level and the previous training.

Generally, by fitness we understand the that physical condition of an individual that allow the life’s course in optimum conditions without a feeling of being tired. A healthy person, under the cardiovascular aspect, with a specific fitness, can follow a program of a more intense training, comparative with the physical effort that is indicated to a sedentary an untrained person. It is not indicated the group physical training without a previous medical check of the persons. There are at least 6 to 10 training weeks necessary to reach a specific level of the physical condition and the same period of time is necessary to loose the physical level.

We all should be aware that is very accessible for everybody to make some physical effort, and to make it with pleasure, from the necessity of well that the effort creates it. The physical training implies a gradually, progressive physical effort that in time is accompanied by functional and morphological modifications that reflect the progressive adaptation and amelioration of performances. For the healthy people, but also for the people who suffer from heart diseases, the training type that helps the cardiovascular system and the breathing system is the aerobat effort, or the resistance effort. Not only the effort’s intensity but especially the frequency and the lasting of the solicitation through effort are very necessary for a rational training. A frequency of 3 to 5 times a week it seems to be the indicated one, as well as at least 10 minutes of physical effort on a sitting are absolutely necessary. It is obligatory to individualize the training program that the effort solicitation to be in harmony with the person’s needs, capacity and fitness.

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