Following are the responses to the Jones Computer Technology Magnet School case study received from Technology Institute participants at the Washington, DC Improving America's Schools Conference.


1. Identify the critical issues that most impact this school.  (What are the school’s challenges and strengths?)



§           Infrastructure and hardware

§           Student team to help with troubleshooting

§           New school

§           New technology

§           129 laptops

§           Teachers attend staff development workshops

§           Technology in every classrooms

§           Full-time tech coordinator

§           Grant

§           Staff knows what actions need to be taken to fully integrate technology as evidenced by their technology plan.





2. What appear to be the staff’s greatest needs towards effective technology use?



3. Develop realistic objectives for this school. (Be sure these objectives are measurable.)


§           Develop and implement teacher technology portfolios

§           Have all staff at a minimum proficiency

§           Provide incentives and rewards for professional development

§           Move student performance averages (10th grade mate, writing, reading) to state averages in three years

§           Build in additional staff development days for teaching staff before the school year begins)

§           Teachers have takes x hours of technology integration training

§           Teachers will plan and implement x lessons integrating technology effectively into their curriculum.

§           Teachers will collaborate and build a schoolwide plan for curriculum adaptation of technology.

§           Get a firm commitment of support from the district to provide tech support, professional development support.

§           Develop parent and community support

§           Develop an incentive package to keep staff in the building

§           Increase the number of internships with a career track to continue working in the building.

§           Add x number of basic computer skills training classes for students

§           Decrease teacher turnover

§           Increase student’s grades with the infusion of technology

§           Develop teacher training focused on curriculum integration

§           Work with central office to get greater access to web resources

§           Need more ESL teachers

§           ESL teacher working with other teachers



4. List some strategies you would employ to meet the objectives.  (Consider both what’s already working well and what needs to be improved.)




5. Identify criteria for measuring the success of your plan.  (What evidence will you look for?)


§           Make every teacher stand up in front of all others and explain everything they know…. just to make them look like fools…just kidding

§           Students show x% increase in reading and math scores

§           Students demonstrate use of a basic set of computer skills (e.g., daily communication through email, use of technology for student portfolios, summative projects that effectively use technology).

§           Reduced turnover of new teachers.  Successful implementation of parent network.  Implementation of an incentive plan for teacher to work on magnet school needs, and implementing tech in the classroom.  District support for tech support and professional development.

§           Teachers demonstrate increased skills in technology as measured by post training skills assessment.

§           Teacher turnover decreases

§           Increased parent involvement and community involvement

§           Teachers report an x% increase in technology integration into their curriculum

§           Use profiler to track teacher proficiency and/or the STAR chart

§           Usage increase by both teachers and students

§           Methodology changes over time measured by observation and the development o student portfolios that demonstrate group work

§           Teachers are using technology effectively in the classroom

§           Students are using technology in researching and reporting and learning independently

§           Colleges are involved

§           More students doing graduate follow up



6. What kinds of data will tell you if you’ve met the criteria and how might you collect that data?


§           Attitudinal surveys, skills surveys, parent survey….

§           Increase parent and community involvement by 50% in the first year as measured by participation in the parent video-computer network.

§           Increased test scores

§           Teacher turn over decreases

§           Students test scores increase

§           Survey the teachers

§           Student attendance increases

§           College involvement

§           Web site up and running

§           Level of participation in school is up

§           Technology in homes increases

§           Use of the computer for more feed back, more emails, less memos/bulletins

§           Increase parent and community involvement by 50% in the first year as measured by participation in the parent video-computer network.