But I Don't Have a Computer Lab!
Using One Computer in the Classroom

These are notes on a presentation given by Donna Ashmus 
SouthEast and Islands Regional Technology in Education Consortium (SEIR*TEC)


7 Categories of Classroom Computer Use

1. Administrative Tool

2. Presentation tool (see Display options at bottom of this page)

3. Communication station

4. Information station

5. Publishing tool

6. Learning center

7. Simulation center

Issues in the One Computer Classroom

Issue #1-  Hardware

Issue #2- Software
Recommended minimum load:

Some content-specific software options:
(note: SEIR*TEC does not promote or support any specific software package or product)

Issue #3- Internet

Issue #4 Management

Additional Resources:
Great Teaching in the One Computer Classroom
The One Computer Classroom
The Four Computer Classroom
Multiple Intelligences and Technology

Some Display options:
TVator Pro for PC/Mac
Pocket Scan Converter
TView by FOCUS

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