Technology We Love You!

(Sung to the tune of "We Love You, Conrad" from Bye, Bye Birdie)

We love technology, oh yes we do,
We love technology, and well be true.
Youve come a long way since univac
And none of us wanna go back.

We had a Commodore 64
Made pen and pencil seem like such a bore
But then we wondered "Is there more?"
Technology, whats in store?

My brand new overhead was such a dream
Projected images upon the screen.
Digital Cameras how keen
Import a friend to a magazine.

Graphing Calculators bring math alive
Sines and cosines and all that jive.
Do you know how to use your zip drive?
Technology we cant hide.

We had a helper named Lori Tate
Our team from Fairmont thought she was great
We used to think that she was sweet
Until she ate all our treats.

We love technology, oh yes we do
We dont love anything as much as you
When we cant touch our mouse were blue
Technology we love you.

ã Technoholic inc. 1999
East Fairmont High School
Fairmont, WV