SEIR*TEC Leadership Academy
Franklin County Schools, VA


Goal: To meet the Virginia Technology Standards for Instructional Personnel through the support of best practice in staff development, curriculum, instruction, and assessment




  1. Suggested amendments to the F.C.P.S. Supervision and Evaluation Model:
  1. Function III Instruction
  2. 3.7 Uses appropriate technology
  1. Description:
  1. Questions:


  1. Suggested amendments to the F.C.P.S. Principals Performance Portfolio
  1. Section II Professional Goals
  2. Add a bullet for technology integration into all six professional goals: Instructional Leadership, Student Success, Community Relations, Group Process Facilitation, Administration and Management, and Personal and Professional Growth
  1. Suggested design for Franklin County Public Schools Assessment of Virginia Standards for Instructional Personnel:



  1. Develop school-to-work opportunities for high school students through the creation of a computer maintenance class in the career technology area
  2. Develop opportunities for high school students to apply their technical knowledge in authentic environments by being assigned to work with the technical support team in elementary schools
  3. Use CISCO trained students to apprentice with the technical support team at the central office to support network maintenance


  1. Support staff development efforts that emanate from the needs of each site base
  2. Develop instructional goals from the disaggregation of Standards of Learning Test data that support staff development at the site
  3. Use CSIP plan survey information to determine staff development needs
  4. Provide opportunities for staff development through the monitoring of student progress
  5. Restructure the school day to provide opportunities for staff development that occur at the site
  6. Assign a half-time instructional technology support person to each elementary school


  1. Develop a rotational funding plan that supports technology integration
  2. Coordinate funding through each sites needs assessment, CSIP, local and state technology plans