Morgan County Team - Wartburg, TN


To research components of technology plans and to develop strategies to guide the planning and implementation process in our district.

Suggested Technology Planning Committee Membership -

Components of the Technology Plan

  1. Vision Statement (Mission Statement) - concise
  2. Beliefs
  3. Goals
    1. Local district improvement goals
    2. Technology priority (Initiatives Support School Improvement Goals)
      1. Administrative
      2. Curricular
      3. Student Performance
      4. Infrastructure
      5. Support Services
      6. School and Community Relations
      7. Reflect State and National Goals
  4. Inventory of Existing Programs & Technologies by School Campus
    1. General Applications
    2. Instructional Applications
    3. Computer Hardware
    4. Computer Software
      1. Teacher Productivity
      2. Student
      3. Administration
    5. Infrastructure/Electrical/Y2K
    6. Information Resources
    7. Distance Learning
    8. Support Services
    9. Staff Skill Level
    10. Student Skill Level
  5. Curriculum and Instruction
    1. Overview of Curriculum Integration Correlated to the State Frameworks
    2. Correlating Technology Use with Prioritized COE Goals
    3. Strategies for Using Technologies to Meet Specific Educational State Standards
    4. Development of Specific Technology Skill Expectations or Competencies (by grade)
  6. Professional Development
    1. Basic Technology Application Competencies
    2. Integration of Technology and Instructional Strategies
  7. Action Plan
    1. Prioritize Specific Campus and District Goals
    2. Create Timeline for Implementation
    3. Develop Plan for Implementing Priorities
      1. Hardware
      2. Software
      3. Staff Development
      4. Network Requirements
      5. Support Services
      6. Evaluation Mechanism
      7. Individual Assignments (who’s responsible)
      8. Funding Strategies
      9. Cost
  8. Monitoring and Evaluating
    1. Oversight Person Named
    2. Assessment Used
    3. Opportunities for Staff and Community Input
    4. Criteria to be Used in Measuring Progress
    5. Frequency of Reporting Progress
  9. Budget
    1. Sources of Funds for Technology
      1. Regular District Budget
      2. Grants
      3. Entitlements
      4. Business/Community Partners
    2. E-rate Discounts
    3. Fund Allocations to Fund Technology Priorities and Existing Programs
  10. Addendum
    1. Inventories
    2. Survey Data
    3. Survey Instruments
    4. Acceptable Use Policy
    5. Security
    6. Glossary
    7. Bibliography


  1. See Bryan Cofer about a meeting with team or Judy and Regina. (Judy will set up meeting.) Sometime before school starts.
  2. Meet with the entire group about what we have presented after he has a chance to look over the information. (Schedule meeting with him - Judy).
  3. Team drafts a letter of recommendation to Bryan that the new technology plan be implemented through a technology planning committee process. (This is done after the team’s meeting with Bryan.)