Andrews Elementary School


Plan for Developing Technology Plan

Step 1: Develop a position paper

Visit the past and visit the future (selling point)

Step 2: Debrief and reach approval of Principal

Step 3: With the approval of the Principal, make contact with district office

Step 4: Communicate with faculty and staff our need for technology planning

Step 5: Informational/ Organizational planning committee meeting

Step 6: Draft needs assessment and develops survey

Step 7: Conduct survey

Step 8: Evaluation and interpretation of needs assessment

Step 9: Write a vision of where we will be in five years

Step 10: Identify goals and objectives and link national, state, and district

Goals to out goals

Step 11: Planning committee will meet to prepare how to get input from Faculty

Step 12: Consensus meeting with faculty to share vision, vignette, goals and objectives

Step 13: Planning session

Step 14: Staff Development Day our goal is to have teachers input of the Activities and strategies that will support the different objectives

Step15: Debriefing and reflection of Staff Development Day

Step 16: Compile and reach consensus on activities and strategies that will meet the goals and objectives

Step 17: Meet and discuss how the plan will be framed

Step 18: Consensus building with the draft of the plan (goalsand objectives)

Step 19: Publication of the final draft

Step 20: Community technology night for showcasing AES Technology plan

Step 21: Planning to plan implementation of technology plan for 20001school year

AES Technology Leadership Academy