Classroom Activity Plan for Integrating Technology into English, History, Science and Math

Theme: The Iditarod Dogsled Race

Curriculum Area: English, history, math and science

Time necessary: Varies (approx. 2 weeks)

Suggestion: You may want to group students and let the group choose a racer to track through the race.


Become familiar with the state of Alaska

Be introduced to the history of the Iditarod.

Be able to track the race.

Read Call of the Wild by Jack London

Learn of the weather in Alaska

Introduced to the geography of Alaska

Estimate the distance to be traveled each day

Graph the progress of the sledders each day


Call of the Wild books


Movie Balto

Map of the territory of the race

Computer with Internet access


English Teacher

Have students read Call of the Wild

Have students keep a journal of the race

Show movie of Balto or another dogsled race

History Teacher

Talk about Alaska becoming a state

How the Iditarod race got started

Culture of the Alaskan people

Science Teacher

The weather in Alaska (cold, snow, wind, etc.)

Animals in Alaska (wolf, bear, otter, whale, etc.)

The geography of the land (volcano, floods, etc.)

Math Teacher

Take a map of the route in scale and convert to miles

Estimate the fraction of the race covered each day

Estimate the time the race will take

Estimate the distance covered per hour


Each area will evaluate the work they assigned to the students.

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