Lesson Architect

Lesson Title: How to Use the Digital Camera

Teacher: Beth Carrico, Polly Anna Cox, and Amy Littrell

Content Areas(s): Technology

Grade Level(s): K-5


Planning the Lesson

Goals/Academic Expectations:

Use digital media for image input.

Objectives: What will my students be able to do when they finish this lesson?

Use digital media for image input and output.

Enter and edit word processing information.

Enter, manipulate, and create visual representations.

Resources: What resources will be needed to complete this lesson?

Digital cameras


Introduction: How will the lesson be introduced?

Present a sample photo essay to the staff demonstrating capabilities of the digital camera.

Lesson Activities: What activities will your students complete?

  1. Divide into cross-grade level teams.
  2. In each group demonstrate how to use the camera (saving, pointing and shooting the image, toggling, etc.).
  3. Allow teams to explore with the digital camera, ensuring total participation.
  4. After all team members have captured their image, come back together as a whole group.
  5. Demonstrate loading the image into a word document.
  6. After each team member has loaded their image, demonstrate the use of text with captured photos.
  7. Allow time for each team member to manipulate their word document.

8.) Print word documents.





Instructional Strategies

Integrating Technology

Instructional Technology Approaches:

Software Applications:


Summary: How will you summarize the lesson? (At the end of each class period, you should discuss what has been learned. Use a variety of strategies to close the lesson.)

Discuss the process of creating a word document using digital images.

Brainstorm possible implications for classroom use.

Reflect on comfort levels with digital camera and importing into a word document.

Assessing Student Outcomes - How will you assess student performances?

Sharing of word document

Informal observations

Assessment Strategies:

Assessment Tools:




* This planning tool is based on the STEPS planning tool from the Panhandle Area Center for Educational

Enhancement (PACEE) in Florida.