Lesson Architect

Lesson Title:


Content Areas(s):

Grade Level(s):

Planning the Lesson:

Goals/Academic Expectations:



Objectives: What will my students be able to do when they finish this lesson?



Resources: What resources will be needed to complete this lesson?



Introduction: How will the lesson be introduced?



Lesson Activities: What activities will your students complete?



Instructional Strategies


Integrating Technology

Instructional Technology Approaches:


Software Applications:





Summary: How will you summarize the lesson? (At the end of each class period, you should discuss what has been learned. Use a variety of strategies to close the lesson.)






Assessing Student Outcomes - How will you assess student performances?

Assessment Strategies:


Assessment Tools:



* This planning tool is based on the STEPS planning tool from the Panhandle Area Center for Educational

Enhancement (PACEE) in Florida.