Team Task Rubric

Task: Development of a model for integrating technology into classroom practice







Identification of Resources No resources identified Only one resource Multiple resources from only one area Combination of technology and non-technology resources

Accessible to educators

Content standards No standards identified One standard is identified, but not appropriate Several demonstrators identified and/or multiple content areas Standards identified are age appropriate

Core content is present

Technology use Low technology / low student engagement High technology use by teachers/ low student engagement or vice versa High technology use by teachers/ high student engagement but standards not identified high technology use by teachers/ high student engagement/ standards included and age appropriate
Ways of accessing/evaluating (product) No assessment identified Recall of basic facts, no elaboration Some measurement of higher order thinking skills, possible use of student performance Multiple ways of accessing, addresses higher order thinking skills, authentic, valid
Process/procedure No procedure identified Few details, poorly sequenced, difficult to implement More detailed, some evidence of sequence, can be implemented Detailed, specific, logical sequence, doable