World Wide Words


Michael Quinion must never sleep. He has developed a rich resource for lovers of words at this site, where you can find out past history of common words, catch the latest creations used in the press, or check usage. Divided into categories like "The Word Hoard," "Articles," and "Newsworthy Words," the site is a playground of our evolving language. What makes it even better is that there's a fun bloke named Michael ready to play with you. Teachers might use this as a resource for getting students to see the changing nature of the words around them. (added 3/6/98, reviewed 5/3/99)


Vocabulary University


This site offers "free vocabulary puzzles to enhance vocabulary mastery. Exercises are endorsed by teachers to enrich classroom curriculum and to help prepare for the SSAT, GED, SAT and ACT." (added 5/29/97, reviewed 4/15/99)


Word Play


Word Play links to fun word sites that could be used for enrichment, recreation, or reference. (added 3/28/96, reviewed 4/9/99)


Focusing on Latin-Greek prefixes, roots, suffixes


English cross references, word lists, ...Focusing on Words is an advanced English-vocabulary program for long-distance learners of all ages, everywhere! Includes on-line scored quizzes and tests. 87% Date: 2 Jan 1999, Size 8.8K, Find similar pages


Vocabulary Building


This site contains a dictionary of acronyms. Contains a search and submit feature. This is a dictionary of English slang words. Choose a city and learn to talk like the locals. "When ah had a ... 86% Date: 17 Nov 1998, Size 27.4K,




Vocabulary puzzles to enhance your vocabulary mastery. Requires free registration. 92% Date: 20 Feb 1999, Size 9.2K