World History

The Costs of War

Under what conditions would you serve your country to fight a war? What types of conflict are worth a fight (war)?  What would you be willing to fight for? When is war worth the costs of war? "WebQuest: The Costs of War" you will be asked to research, assimilate, discuss, question, and debate different  perspectives. You will also be asked to communicate by e-mail to a student of your age who lives in a country that has experienced war. You will participate in a debate with your classmates guided by the big questions. This quest will conclude with a letter or E-mail from you to a person in government who has decision-making powers (i.e., - President, congressman, or leaders of other countries).


Exhibits Collection - Collapse

Mesopotamia, Teotihuacan, Chaco Canyon - they were once flourishing, vibrant communities that have all but disappeared from Earth. Explore theories on what caused these cities to collapse and learn how scientists find and assemble clues of the past in this online exhibit from the Annenberg/CPB Project.