Schoolhouse Rock

With catchy tunes such as "Conjunction Junction," "I Got Six," and "The Energy Blues," this colorful site has words and audio to help kids master grammar, multiplication, science, and American history. (added 2/21/99, reviewed 2/21/99)

The Grammar Lady

The Grammar Lady contains Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's), Spelling Rules, a Question of the Week, and a Grammar Hotline. (added 7/10/97, reviewed 2/12/99)

Darling's Guide to Grammar

Just what is a correlative conjunction, and how is it used? How can essay writers compose an effective and interesting introduction? Writers will find answers at this comprehensive Web site. Clear explanations of key concepts, abundant examples of proper and improper usage, on-line quizzes after every topic, and expert help from "Ask Grammar" make this site an essential resource for wordsmiths everywhere. Created and maintained by Dr. Charles Darling and Capital Community-Technical College, this site is updated daily. (added 4/15/98, reviewed 5/13/99)

Common Errors in English

Students and teachers will enjoy browsing Professor Paul Brians' alphabetically sorted list of common errors in English. The page also links to non-errors, commonly misspelled words, suggestions, and more. (added 4/28/98, reviewed 5/13/99)

On Line English Grammar

This Website provides definitions and examples on the parts of speech. The pages are well designed and load time is good. This could be a good supplement or even key resource if you are teaching grammar and/or English as a Second Language and don't have adequate materials. Also available (among many other resources) is a "Grammar Clinic" where you can submit grammar questions that are posted and answered within a week. (added 7/25/96, reviewed 3/22/99)

Grammar Safari

This interesting site takes the study of language into the "jungle" of real-world usage. The "Grammar Safari" activities are suggestions for hunting and collecting examples of specific words as they are used in documents accessible to anyone on the WWW. (added 3/3/97, reviewed 5/13/99)

The Biography Maker

These online lessons explain what a biography should be and walk writers through questioning, learning, synthesis, and story-telling. The site includes embedded links to relevant Internet resources and tips for effective writing. (added 8/1/97, reviewed 2/12/99)

This site's a great starting point for students who are using the Web to do research and then write term papers. It offers "topics, ideas, and assistance for school related research projects." Explore the "Idea Directory" which connects users to lots of potential topics, but better yet, links to Infoseek directly pull up a quick search related to the topic. This will definitely speed up search time, especially for new users. "The Writing Center" shares content from the excellent handouts created by the Purdue University OWL (Online Writing Lab). You might want to use ArguWeb to get even more structured help writing an essay. Caution: this is a commercial site, so be advised the ads might not be appropriate for your school. (added 8/22/97, reviewed 4/22/99)


Paradigm Online Writing Assistant

Developed by Professor Chuck Guilford of Boise State University, Paradigm helps students think about what goes into a writing before they ever start to draft. There are sections on discovering what to write, organizing, revising and editing your writing. Also several types of essays are addressed: thesis/support, argumentative, exploratory, and informal. There is enough content for teachers to send students to Paradigm for online guidance, or teachers might want to use the resource to guide their own classroom instruction. Prof. Guilford has done an excellent job of summarizing much of the research on the process approach to writing. (added 10/15/96, reviewed 3/18/99)


Guide to Writing Research Papers

The Guide to Writing Research Papers takes a comprehensive look at research techniques, proper forms for citation based on MLA form, and much more. From Capital Community-Technical College in Connecticut. (added 6/5/98, reviewed 6/11/99)

Purdue University Online Writing Lab

As a young English teacher, did you ever look with envy at the file cabinets of your elder colleagues? The wonderful handouts that must exist in there! Well, Purdue University's OWL (Online Writing Lab) has posted a hugely comprehensive set of handouts online that can support writers (and teachers of writing!). From the ubiquitous and boring (Sound-Alike Words: Their/There/They're; It's/ Its, etc.) to the more subtle and specialized (Business Letters: Subordinating Negatives in Good News and Neutral Messages), this Web site has it all. Such a wealth of handouts online will allow you to individualize how you work with your students. (added 6/3/96, reviewed 4/9/99)


Writing Argumentative Essays

Bill Daly, of the Victoria University of Technology (Australia) has provided a service to new writing teachers, high school students, and parents trying to help their children piece together an effective argumentative essay. Love 'em or hate 'em, clearly structured persuasive essays can help many advancing writers to shape their opinions. Daly uses a sound approach with good examples to provide lots of support so that even independent learners could work their way through his guides. (added 8/14/97, reviewed 6/11/99)


Elements of Style by William Strunk

This online version of the classic style manual is a useful reference filled with examples. (added 11/25/95, reviewed 3/18/99)


University of Victoria's Writer's Guide on The Essay

This Website provides short introduction on what essays are and various types of essays. It also guides the writer through the writing process with a series of brief articles. (added 1/8/96, reviewed 2/25/99)


Young Writers' Clubhouse

Children's author Deborah Morris hosts the Young Writers' Clubhouse where budding authors get advice and can enter a contest every three months. A monthly Web Chat and E-mail link make this author of the Real Kids, Real Adventures series accessible to her fans. (added 7/25/96, reviewed 1/22/99)


Electric Postcard

Use this web site to "send" someone a virtual picture postcard, complete with a customized message. (added 11/25/95, reviewed 2/25/99)


Eco-Marketing Project

The Eco-Marketing Project uses a global market theme to promote skills in descriptive writing, persuasive writing, artistic expression, critical reading, budgeting of resources (money), science, concern for the environment, entrepreneurship, and awareness of the global community. Includes an "Educator's Toolbox." (added 1/18/96, reviewed 5/28/99)