Science Education Gateway at the Center for Science Education, Space Sciences Laboratory, University of Calfornia, Berkeley.

The Science Education Gateway (formerly SII) is a collaborative NASA project which brings together the expertise of NASA scientists, science museums, and K-12 educators to produce NASA science-based Earth and space science curricula for classroom and public use via the World Wide Web. SEGway materials are produced by teachers in locally-grown collaborations with program staff at nearby partnering science museums. The partnerships support teacher-developers in acheiving the goals of teaching Earth and space science online, and provide them with the training technical support needed for their curriculum projects.  This SEGway Web site is designed to help teachers locate and identify the resources they can use best and that fit their local curriculum and National Science Education Standards. The interface is the result of ongoing research by , aimed at creating architectures and functionality to facilitate access to SEGway materials by various user groups.

The Academy Science Curriculum Exchange High School (9-12)

This site offers lesson plans for Grades K-12 in a variety of subject areas. There are more than 200 plans for science.


Science: Biological and Life Sciences

AskEric Lesson Plans provides a collection of Science lesson plans contributed by teachers for Grades K-12. Topics include agriculture, biological and life sciences, earth science, physical sciences, space sciences, and technology. Each lesson plan cultures an overview, purpose, objectives, activities. and resource materials.

Blue Web'n Applications:Science

Blue Webn Applications provides a wealth of resources for science teachers. This site has lessons, activities, and other science sites .


Performance Assessment Links in Science

What is PALS? PALS is an on-line, standards-based, continually updated interactive resource bank of science performance assessment tasks indexed via the National Science Education Standards (NSES). The tasks can also be indexed via other frameworks such as local, customized standards.


Computer Technology in the Sciences

Some of these lesson plans are traditional in approach and some are quite innovative in the methods adopted for incorporating the resources into their classrooms. Each lesson plan has the same general format with one or more links to WWW resources that are to be incorporated into the activities as suggested.


K-12 Weather Curriculum

This site contains online lessons and activities for weather, hurricanes, and smog.


Lesson Plans and Activities


This site contains a collection of K-12 lesson plans for a variety of curricular areas.


Science Lessons by Subject

For grades K-12, these lessons and experiments are arranged by subject area and sorted by age groups.


Chemistry Teacher Resources

This site contains useful links for high school teachers to such topics as Chemistry I, AP Chemistry, and Internet Chemistry Resources.


National Science Teachers Association

leading professional organization for improving the teaching of science in Grades K-12. The site features infromation about sponsored publications, programs, and projects. It also provides links to other online resources.