Plan for integrating technology into the curriculum

Theme: the Solar System/ Developed by Misty Little

Curriculum Areas Encompassed: Science

Learning Objectives:

Students will research one of the nine planets of our solar system using various resources, complete a written document, and present orally and visually their findings.


Computer complete with Internet access

Teacher selected web-sites (1 copy per student)

Books, articles, videos, television, projectors, etc.


The teacher will pair students in cooperative learning groups.

The teacher will lead the class in selecting important areas for their research (planetary size, temperatures, relative distance to sun and Earth, distinguishable characteristics, etc.)

The teacher will give each student a list of web-sites to aid in their research.

After research is complete, students will begin work on the written portion of their projects. All students will complete a two-page summary of their findings complete with bibliography of sources used. Teacher will remind students to check for spelling, punctuation, and grammatical errors.

Students should begin work on their presentations. All presentations must include a visual aid ( Quick Time movie, clip from video, etc.). Students will be given 3 to 5 minutes to complete oral presentation.




Students will be evaluated according to the following:

Written Summary:

- 2 page minimum 20pts

-spelling 10pts

-punctuation 10pts

-grammar 10pts

Oral presentation:

-time limit 20pts

-visual aid 20pts

-participation 20pts

Total possible points: 100