Technology Academy for School Leaders

A WebQuest for Superintendents and Principals

by the Mississippi TASL team

Helen Soule, Betty Lou Pigg, Joan Haynie, John Cartwright

TASL Goals

SEA Academy Goal


The Process

TASL Goals

The goals of the Technology Academy for School Leaders are as follows:
  • To facilitate the integration of technology in the total district/school environment
  • To enhance the principals and superintendents technology leadership skills in support of teaching, learning, and data driven decision-making
  • To facilitate the creation of learning environments that empower staff to infuse technology into teaching and learning
  • To assist school. leaders in defining local problems and issues, and the development of solutions and strategies to address them
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SEA Academy Goal

To develop an operational framework for implementing Technology Academies for School Leaders (TASL), ATA-based academies for district teams of school administrators.
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Resources to Support the Academies

MS Gates Grant
TASL Application package
TASL Training Opportunities
Office of Educational Technology
Office of Leadership and Development
Howard Industries
Classroom Connect
Consortium of School Networks
Gates Foundation
2000 SEA Team
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The Process

1.  The MS team identified six components of the TASL operational plan.
2.  The MS team developed a rubric to narrow the focus.
3.  The MS team met with Vickie to learn more about the ATA approach.
4.  The MS team met with Kathy Klock to discuss the Gates Grant requirements.
5.  The MS team met with Elizabeth to work on the evaluation for the TASL grant.
6.  The MS team developed a time line and processes for implementation of TASL.
7.  Despite numerous distractions by the Tar Heels, the MS team attained their goal.
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Mississippi TASL Team 2000

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SEIR*TEC SEA Academy Rubric: TASL Project

Project Component







Roles & Responsibilities Not all roles identified All roles identified, but not tasks or responsibilities. All roles identified, major tasks and responsibilities outlined. All roles identified; specific tasks and responsibilities are outlined.
Evaluation Awareness of the need for an evaluation process and plan. Schedule time with Elizabeth to discuss evaluation component. Discuss evaluation process with Elizabeth. Outline basic steps for an evaluation process.
Training Design Knowledge of training needs. Develop a process for identifying training needs. Identify and organize types of training needed. Identify training types & numbers of training days needed.
Selection & Application Process Knowledge that a selection process is needed. Discuss ATA approach with Vicki. Identify components of application process. Develop a sample application packet.
Facilitator Training Brainstorm about possible facilitators. Identify criteria for selection of facilitators. Identify process for establishing a pool of TASL facilitators. Identify dates & schedule facilitator training w/SEIR*TEC
Timeline Awareness of the need for a timeline. Begin development of a timeline. Outline a sequence of events with a timeline. Develop a 1 year plan that encompasses all TASL components.


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TASL Rabbit and the Tar Heels

Once upon a time TASL rabbit, after a morning of rubric development, settled down under a ficus tree to take a much needed lunchtime nap. Along came the Tar Heels --slippity-clippity, clippity-slippityand lured TASL away to their cabin.  They were so careful that they even slipped passed Mike as he was standing on one leg with his arm in the air trying to talk on his cell phone.




"Good morning!" said the Tar Heels, "Nice weather we're having this morning," they said.

TASL didn't say a word.

"How are you feeling this morning?" said the Tar Heels.

TASL didn't say a thing.

"What is the matter with you then? Are you deaf?" said the Mary Lou Tar Heel . "Cause if you are, we can holler louder."

TASL stayed still.

"You're a stuck-up rabbit, that's what's wrong with you. You think you're too good to talk to us," said the Tar Heels. "And were going to cure you, that's what were going to do."

TASL didn't say a word.

"Were going to teach you how to talk to respectable folks if it's our last act," said the Wynn Tar Heel. "If you don't take off that MS crown and say 'Howdy,' were going to take you out on the lake and maybe drown you."

TASL stayed still.

The Tar Heels kept on asking him why he wouldn't talk, and TASL kept on saying nothing until the Dan and Cheryl Tar Heels tied him up and set him on the couch.

"If you don't let me loose, I'm going to sic the 'BIG DOGS' on you," said TASL, said he.  "Turn me loose or else......," said TASL, said he, but the Tar Heels just ignored him.

Just about that time the cabin door flew open. .crickity- crackity, crackity-crickity.   A pack of BIG DOGS and a Texas Armadillo stormed into the cabin.  The Texas Armadillo, she lay low.

The BIG DOGS yelled, "If you Tar Heels don't turn TASL Rabbit loose, we're going to butt you crank-sided.  The Tar Heels dug-in, so the BIG DOGS butted them and the Tar Heels stepped on the "Texas Armadillos" borrowed $400.00 Italian sweater.

By and by the Tar Heels said, "Well, we expect we got you this time, TASL Rabbit," said they.  "There you are and there you'll stay until we fix up the stove and fire it up, cause were going to barbecue you today, for sure," said the Tar Heels, said they.


Then TASL Rabbit started talking mighty humble.

"I don't care what you do with me, Tar Heels, said he, "Just so you don't fling me in that lake. Roast me, Tar Heels," said he, "but don't fling me in that lake."

"It's so much trouble to kindle a fire," said Tar Heels, said they, "that wed expect we'd better hang you," said they.

"Hang me just as high as you please, Tar Heels," said TASL Rabbit, said he, "but for the Lord's sake, don't fling me in that lake," said he.


"We don't have any string," said Tar Heels, said they, "And now we reckon we'd better skin you," said they.

"Skin me Tar Heels," said he. "Snatch out my eyeballs, tear out my ears by the roots," said he, "But please, Tar Heels, don't fling me in that lake, " said he.

Of course, the Tar Heels wanted to get TASL Rabbit as bad as they could, so he would stay with them and become a Tar Heel Rabbit. There was a considerable flutter and the Tar Heels grabbed TASL Rabbit and headed for the canoe. (TASL Rabbit knew that Camp Tar Heel couldnt paddle).


The Tar Heels paddled onto the lake. They were in such a hurry that they didnt even notice when TASL Rabbit hoppity- hippity  hippity-hoppitied out of the canoe onto a floating oar.



Just then the Tar Heels heard a whistle from the bank and quickly looked back, upsetting the canoe. Those Tar Heels got mighty wet!

About that time, TASL Rabbit heard someone call his name.  'Way up on the hill he saw the BIG DOGS and the Texas Armadillo sitting cross-legged on the volleyball court waiting with his Mississippi family and all of their Louisiana, South Carolina, Arkansas, and Alabama friends.

At that point, the Tar Heels knew the Mississippi TASL Rabbit had tricked them.

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