A Guide to Instructional Technology Web Sites, Tools and Resources


How To- Instructional Technology is your link to a variety of web sites, tools, and resources on the World Wide Web. This page features links to sample technology plans, ideas for writing grant proposals, funding for technology efforts, design gudielines for webquests, rubrics for technology projects, templates for specialized web pages, or many otheruseful resources.

Technology Planning

Rubrics & Guidelines

SEIR*TEC's Technology Planning Resource Page

Technology Plans in the Southeastern states
National Center for Technology Planning
Rubrics for Internet Use and Integration by Educators

Criteria for evaluating websites

Rubric builder

Bernie Dodge's draft rubric for evaluating webquests

Variety of rubrics

Kathy Schrock's listing of rubrics

Evaluation rubrics for websites

Rubrics for leadership

RUBISTAR - A tool to customize generic rubrics

Tracking Tools

Online survey tool to assess technology skills and progress

SEIR*TEC's survey form and reflection tool for technology
program progress


Using needs assessment to build a case for funding

How to write grant proposals


Online interface to organize and annotate web
sites into lessons

Template to create web pages in a book format