Create a Basic Grade Book using a Spreadsheet

Use the following directions, to create your own Custom Grade book:

1. Open a new spreadsheet document. A blank spreadsheet appears, and it's ready for you to customize.

2. Choose Page View from the View menu. Your spreadsheet view is now restricted to one page at a time.

3. Click inside cell Al and choose Column Width from the Format menu. The Column Width dialog box appears.

4. Type 20 in the Column Width box and click OK. The width of column A adjusted.

5. Click the letter A at the top of the first column. The whole column becomes highlighted.

6. Choose Row Height from the Format menu. The Row Height dialog box appears.

7. Type 25 in the Row Height dialog box and click OK. The height of the column adjusts.

8. Click back in cell Al and type the word "Name," then press, Return/Enter key and begin typing in the names of each of your students, last name first, in the cell in that column. Remember that what you type doesn't appear in the cell of your spreadsheet until you press, the Return/Enter key.

9. Click inside cell B1, type the date of your first test, and press Return/Enter.

10. Enter other spelling test grades in cell C1, DI, and E1 and type the word "Average" in cell G1.

11. Enter spelling test grades for the first few students on your list. These don't have to be actual scores; you just need some numbers to work with for this exercise.

12. Click inside cell G2 and click on the = sign on the menu bar to edit the formula. A dialog box appears where you can choose the function you wish to use.

13. Choose Average. The function appears in the entry bar. Next, you must tell the spreadsheet what numbers or cells you want to average.


14. Click on the icon to select Number 1 in the dialog box and highlight the cells in a row you wish to average. After you select these cells, click okay to accept the formula. The formula for the G2 cell should look like =AVERAGE(B2:F2) meaning that the grades from cell B2 to F2 will be averaged.

15. If you entered the grades as instructed in Step 11, you should see a grade average pop into view in cell G2.

16. Repeat steps 11 through 14 for each of the students on your list to average their grades. You will enter a function and select the cells to be included in the average for the rest of the students in your grade book.

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