Managing the One or More Computer Classroom
without Losing Your Hair or Your Sanity!

These are notes from the presentation given at NECC
in Atlantic City, NJ on June 23, 1999 by Donna Ashmus and Jeanne Guerrero Clarke

SouthEast and Islands R*TEC

Services and Objectives:

With new information doubling almost every few months, teachers can no longer be expected to be the fountain of all knowledge. Classrooms have shifted into inquiry-based learning centers. With that shift, teachers are now facilitators, coaches, managers, and mentors. Here are some ideas and issues to help educators manage this new environment.

Relevant questions

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Hardware Issues

Software Issues Recommended load:

Curriculum Issues

Curriculum-based lesson plans should include:

Lesson Plan Examples

Tips and Tricks from Teachers

Additional Resources:
Technology Classroom Management

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