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Planning into Practice

Resources for Planning, Implementing,
and Integrating Instructional Technology

Written by Jeff Sun, Marilyn Heath, Elizabeth Byrom, Janet Phlegar, and K. Victoria Dimock.

Planning into Practice jpeg As a result of SEIR*TEC's work at various school sites during the first project period, we found several valuable tools that are particularly useful in helping districts and schools create strategic educational technology plans.  We have included those tools along with some firsthand examples and stories form schools that have used them.

Below are the tools, examples, and stories by chapter in Adobe PDF downloadable files.


Chapter 1:  Introduction

Chapter 2:  Technology Planning

Chapter 3: Integrating Technology into the Curriculum

Chapter 4:  Professional Development Planning

Chapter5:  Community Engagement

Chapter 6:  Managing Hardware and Software

Chapter 7:  Evaluation

Chapter 8:  Funding Your Technology Plan



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