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1999 Summer
Leadership Academy

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In June 1999, SEIR*TEC held its first Leadership Academy at Smith Mountain Lake, VA. Teams from the Southeast met to work together on an issue they selected as important to technology integration in their school or district. Using the Authentic Task Approach, the teams established the focus of their work at the Academy. At the end of the week, each team participated in a celebration and shared their products aimed at resolving the problem they identified.

St. Lucie County, FL
Task: 1) To Identify technology exit skill criteria for grades 5, 8, 12, 2) To develop performance assessment indicators, 3) Create rubrics to measure mastry of performance assessment indicators, 4) determine method of mastry management.

Andrew Elementary School, Andrews, SC
Task: To create a plan for creating a school technology plan

Holloway High School, TN
Task: To create a plan to empower students to achieve academically, build a sense of community, and to be productive and responsible students

Kingsbury Elementary School, Memphis, TN
Task: To promote quality technology usage and integration of technology into the curriculum.

Morgan County Team - Wartburg, TN
Task: To research components of technology plans and to develop strategies to guide the planning and implementation process in our district.

Franklin County Schools, VA
Task: To meet the Virginia Technology Standards for Instructional Personnel through the support of best practice in staff development, curriculum, instruction, and assessment.

Halifax Middle School, Halifax, VA
Task: To create a design for a curriculum driven after school technology program for at-risk middle school students.

Montgomery County Schools, VA
Task: To develop a plan for fourth and fifth grade teachers to effectively utilize and model technology as a teaching, learning, and communication.

East Fairmont High School, Fairmont, WV
Task: Develop a plan for teacher training which facilitates student mastery of established technology outcomes.

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