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2000 State Education
Agency Academy

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In July 2000, SEIR*TEC held its second State Education Agency (SEA) Academy at Twin Pines Conference Center in Sterrett, AL.  Teams from the Southeast met to work together on an issue they selected as important to technology integration in their state. Using the Authentic Task Approach, the teams established the focus of their work at the Academy. The Academy ended with each team sharing their products which were aimed at resolving the problem they identified.

Purpose: to continue work begun by to previous work groups in identifying goals and benchmarks for the next phase of their technology implementation plan.

Purpose: to develop an action plan for implementing distance education to all school districts.

Purpose: to establish an implementation plan for updating the state's long-range Plan for Educational Technology.

Purpose: to develop a Technology Academy for School Leaders (TASL) with a focus on developing skills and gaining knowledge to effectively integrate technology into the learning environment, as well as enhancing leadership skills to encourage data-driven decisions.

North Carolina
Purpose: to redesign the state's annual data collection form/report and to interface it with the newly revised state technology plan.

South Carolina
Purpose: to develop an implementation plan that supports SC legislation which mandates all teachers must demonstrate a level of technology competency.

West Virginia
Purpose: to establish an efficient process for county and school technology planning.

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