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SEIR*TEC e-Store

SEIR*TEC provides educators with free print copies of many of its publications. To request any of these items for your agency, school or classroom, fill out the form below and SEIR*TEC will mail you the items free of charge, while supplies last. Please note that there may be some quantity restrictions. All items are also available in PDF downloadable files at
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DATA STORIES: Evaluating a Technology Project - In this issue, read how one North Carolina school district evaluated a reading project and the lessons learned in setting up the data collection methods. (2002) (limit 25 copies)


DATA STORIES: When, What, and How: The Relationship of Evaluation, Program Design, and Outcomes - In this issue, read about three lessons learned about planning, evaluating, and implementing professional development during the first two years of ExplorNet's Centers for Quality Teaching and Learning project . (2003) (limit 25 copies)


Electronic Accessibility Bookmark - This bookmark lists web sites that provide information on current research, services, products, tools, and resources designed to assist educators in meeting the learning needs of individuals with disabilities. (2003) (limit 25 copies)

E-Rate Status in Southern States - A policy brief providing information on how much southern states have received in e-rate funding as well as how some school districts have used the money.  Also describes some of the of the difficulties school districts have experienced and lists additional Internet resources on E-Rate. (December 2000) (limit 10 copies)


Lessons Learned: Factors Influencing the Effective Use of Technology for Teaching and Learning - In this second edition, SEIR*TEC staff shed some light on the factors that influence technology adoption by sharing some of the lessons learned and observations made while providing technical assistance and professional development to resource-poor schools across the region from 1995 to 2000.   Additionally, accompanying each lesson are suggested steps that educators might take in order to mover their technology programs forward and a story from one of the SEIR*TEC intensive site schools. (2000) (limit 10 copies)
  This series of handy topical bookmarks developed by SEIR*TEC partner, SREB, lists web sites where middle school educators can find standards-based lessons and resources, assessment instruments, or topics to enhance teaching practices. It also includes web sites that can provide learning support for students. Choose from:

Middle School Language Arts Web Sites
(2003) (limit 25 copies)


Middle School Mathematics Web Sites
(2003) (limit 25 copies)


Middle School Science Web Sites
(2003) (limit 25 copies)


Middle School Social Studies Web Sites
(2003) (limit 25 copies)


  We have added a new series of bookmarks to assist English Language Learners and teachers, parents, and caregivers of English Language Learners who want to know how to improve or provide assistance in improving their English skills. Choose from:

Helping English Language Learners with School: Web Sites for Adults
(2004) (limit 25 copies)


English Language Learning: Web Sites for Adults
(2004) (limit 25 copies)


Cómo ayudar a los niños en su vida escolar.
(2004) (limit 25 copies)


NewsWire Online - Winter 2003
Volume 6, Number 1
This issue focuses on the roles in which technology can
be used to help train teachers in effective practices and to improve reading instruction in the classroom. (2003) (limit 10 copies)

NewsWire Online - Spring 2002 
Volume 5, Number 3
In this issue, find steps to help in evaluating technology programs, explore questions to guide the evaluation process in schools, read about how some states and districts are setting up guidelines for measuring project results, and discover additional tools and resources for evaluating technology projects. (2002) (limit 10 copies)


Planning into Practice: Resources for Planning, Implementing, and Integrating Instructional Technology - Based on previous work with SEIR*TEC intensive sites, this document provides a variety of tools, examples, and stories useful in helping districts and schools plan, develop, and implement strategic educational technology plans. (2000) (limit 1 free copy - additional copies $30.00 plus S/H)

These Digital Media posters provide instructions for capturing, formatting, manipulating, and using digital images and video, or for transferring analog video to digital format. Choose from:

Digital Video - This 11 X 17 poster provides instructions for planning and preparing for filming to capturing footage, editing and viewing the finished digital product. (2003) (limit 10)


Analog to Digital - This 11 X 17 poster identifies the equipment and process for transferring analog video to a digital format. (2003) (limit 10)


Digital Photography - This 17 X 33 poster takes students through the steps of capturing, formatting, manipulating, and saving digital images. (2003)
(limit 10)


SEIR*TEC Brochure - The three focus areas for SEIR*TEC are leadership for technology, curriculum-based technology initiatives, and authentic professional development.  Obtain this brochure for information about SEIR*TEC services and products. (2001) (limit 10 copies)
SEIR*TEC Quick Reference Internet Search Tool - A handy reference tool for helping computer users conduct on-line searches of the web. Helps you determine which search engine to use and how to use it. (May 2001) (limit 25 copies)
Technology Standards for Students - This 8-page brief addresses issues surrounding student technology use, how technology is being incorporated into curricula, and how student technology proficiency is being assessed in some states. (February 2001) (limit 10 copies)
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