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Authors of the Southeast Project
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Charles Ghigna



1. Was writing poetry your dream and why or why not? Rachel

When I was your age my first dream was to become a major league baseball player. I loved baseball and used to play it all the time. I did not begin writing poetry until I was in high school. I wrote my very first poem for a girl friend. She said she liked it and gave me a kiss on the cheek. I decided I liked poems too and began writing lots of them. Now I cant stop!






2. Why do you like poetry? Samantha

I like thinking in little packages of thoughts and poems are just the right
size for what I usually want to say. I like putting my thoughts together in
as few words as possible. I like to describe and compare things. Sometimes I like to rhyme. Ive always enjoyed using language that sings. I like to listen to the rhythms that poetry creates. I also like letting the poem take me where it wants to go. It is like entering a world of wonder, not knowing exactly where you are going until you get there. Poetry allows me to do all that -- and more!






3. Why do you like mice as a pet? J. R.

I love mice! I discovered how nice mice can be when we first brought some mice home for my son. They were so cute and cuddly and much nicer than I thought they would be. They liked to be held and were much friendlier than I ever thought they would be. My son used to have gerbils and hamsters. As you may know, gerbils and hamsters are noctural. They like to sleep all day. Whenever we tried to pick them up to pet them and to play with them, they did not want to be held and would sometimes try to bite us. Then while we tried to sleep, they would make noise running around their cages, scratching and playing all night long. Mice are Nice!






4. Why do you like to write funny stories? Jacob

Im always thinking up funny stuff. I cant help it. Sometimes I like to
try and write that funny stuff down into poems. I love to laugh and I love
to share my laughter. I hope you do too.



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Updated 11/21/02