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Authors of the Southeast Project
Featured Authors

Mary McSpadden October 21st -November 1st
Charles Ghigna November 3rd - November 16th
Gail E. Haley November 11th - November 29th

Past Featured Authors on the Authors of the Southeast Project

Gloria Houston Spring 2002 Click here to see the submitted questions and answers


Between October 21st and November 29th, elementary and middle school students will have a chance to ask Southern authors of children's books questions about being an author, about their books, and about what it takes to write a book. The schedule above shows the dates that each author is available.

Project Summary
Students will study the writings of an author, research on the Internet that author's life and works, and develop questions to ask the author during the assigned time. They will post these questions by email, retrieve the responses, and create a product depicting one of the works or a topic related to several of her works, incorporating the responses provided by the author during the email exchanges.

Grade Level - 4-8

Project Objectives
This project provides an opportunity for students to research the writings of an author and create a product or display interpreting the work of that author.

Creating Writing, Language Arts, and Technology


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Updated 9/04/02