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Authors of the Southeast Project

Procedures for Participation

  1. Classes wishing to participate must register.
  2. Once project registration has been confirmed, the teacher should develop a schedule for the project such that there is time for the activities to be done prior to the email exchanges with the author.
    • Have students research the Internet for information on the author and his/her life.
    • Have students locate all books in the media center (or local library) by this author.
    • Determine an appropriate process for students to read and work with the available books.
    • As pairs or small groups, have each group work on one of the following topics:
      • Time period(s) and settings for the author's books: Make a timeline for events in the work(s) and include the setting(s) mentioned in relation to the timeline.
      • Predominant theme(s): Use a printed chart or web diagram (or use Kidspiration or Inspiration) to illustrate the themes, identifying the name of the works with that theme.
      • Relationship of the characters to the author's life: Create a chart with corresponding columns tying the characters and their actions to the author's life.
      • Topic of your choice
    • Have students in their groups develop at least one question pertaining to the theme they worked on and one question pertaining to being or becoming an author to email to the author.
  3. Collect the questions and prepare them to be sent by email either within the email text box or as an attachment (Word or compatible word processing file).
  4. Have the students email their questions to and make the subject line "Questions for (Authors Name)"
    • Identify the school, grade level, and teacher name at the top of the file.
    • Identify each question as being from a particular student by using first name and last name initial.
  5. Have students check email for a response.
  6. Once students have their response(s), have each group incorporate the response(s) into their product from #2 above.
  7. (Optional) Scan or take digital photos of the final products. Send them to for posting on the Questions and Answers page for the author.

How To Register

  1. To register, send an e-mail to the Project Coordinator, Kevin Oliver, at . Please include the following information in you e-mail.
  2. Teacher name
  3. School name
  4. School address
  5. Grade level of participating class
  6. E-mail address (preferably the teachers)
  7. URL of your school's website (if applicable)
  8. Geographical setting of your school (urban, rural, or suburban)

Updated 4/4/02