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Southern LiterBEARy Portraits
Caroline Lee Hentz

Protrait by a student from Brookwood Forest Elementary School, Birmingham, Alabama

by Kendall

Oh, nice of you to join me. My name is Caroline Lee Hentz. I like to write. It is one of my hobbies. I began to write at an early age. I keep diaries of everything. I have tried to keep and collect all of my family's letters, medical records, legal papers and personal papers. A lot of people have enjoyed reading my collection of all these papers.

My husband is Nicholas M. Hentz. We met at the University of North Carolina. My children are Charles Arnould Hentz, Thaddeus William Hentz, Julia Louisa Hentz, and Therese Hentz Branch. As you can tell I have four children, two boys and two girls. I lived from 1797 until 1856. So I only lived for 59 years. My husband worked at the University of North Carolina before we got married.

I was born in Lancaster Massachusetts. My husband and I ran schools for girls in Kentucky, Ohio, Georgia, and Alabama. We finally settled in Marianna, Florida, where I concentrated on my writings. I published 16 novels. One of my most popular novels is Planters North Bride (1852) which is a pro-southern response to Harriet Beecher Stowe's novel Uncle Tom's Cabin

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