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Southern LiterBEARy Portraits
John Harms II

Protrait provided by By Mrs. McGinnis's Kindergarten Class,
Golden Grove Elementary School,
West Palm Beach, Florida

John Harms II was born in Dearborn, Michigan, and grew up in Palm Beach County, Florida. Many of his stories originate from his experiences as a young boy. During his youth, he spent time in the local forests and enjoyed the animals. Manatees and sea grasses were plentiful in the waterways by his home and deserted coconut plantations gave him a colorful backdrop for his stories.
Mr. Harms II graduated from the University College at the University of Florida in 1971. He went on to design and patent filtration equipment to purify water and other liquids, while compiling his adventures.
His stories educate and encourage people, especially children, to care about their environment. He visits schools often, giving presentations about writing, publishing and ecology.
He has published four children's book that are about the adventurers of a boy name Buster. These books are about some of the adventurers that Mr. Harms had as a boy. The titles of the books are: The Saving of Arma Armadillo, The Saving of Valiant Blue Heron, The Saving of Sly Manatee, and the Saving of Okee and Dokee Sea Turtle. They are wonderful books and have a lot of information other than the story.

This is our biographical sketch of one of our favorite local artists. He also happens to be a personal friend of Mrs. McGinnis. He has given her copies of all his books and stuffed animals for the class that go with each book. We love for him to visit because he tells such neat stories.