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Southern LiterBEARy Portraits
Tim Rosaforte

Protrait provided by the students of,
St. Marks Episcopal School,
Palm Beach Garden, Florida

How do your children help you to write?
They help me by serving as a motivation, and by keeping my life in
perspective. I also call on them if I want to make a reference to a movie I
haven't seen, an expression that would be cool with them, or to make
reference to a pop culture movie star or singer that I'm not familiar with.

Where have you traveled?
I've traveled everywhere in the U.S., and throughout England, Scotland and

Do you enjoy writing?
If you asked me two weeks ago, I would have said, no. Today I'm happy because my last story was a good one.

Did anybody help with your writing?
My first mentor was a journalism professor at the University of Rhode Island
named Wilbur Doctor. He was a former Providence Journal copy editor. I've
also worked with some of the profession's most gifted sports writers, so
I've gleaned from them. Recently I've re-read Bill Zinsser's "On Writing
Well." I'd recommend it as a Bible to aspiring writers.

We know that you travel a lot, where are you planning to go next?
I've got a two-week trip to New York for the Westchester Classic and the U.S. Open. Then I'm taking Molly to California. After that I go to Scotland for two weeks for the British Open

Do you like traveling? Where do you go on vacation?
I can deal with traveling because I know how to travel. All my flights get
upgraded. I know where to stay, how to regulate my body, and how to use
airplane time to either rest or work. The worst part is saying goodbye to
Molly. For vacations we have gone to the mountains in North Carolina, the
desert in California, the city of New York and the beaches of Florida.

What other activities do you do?
I'm active in sports like tennis, cycling, personal training and yoga. And of
course, I like to read but I'm usually too busy writing.

What languages do you have to speak to communicate with the golfers?
Golf is a universal language.

What is your favorite golf course and your favorite tournament?
I love Royal Dornoch in the north of Scotland, and Seminole right here in
Juno Beach. My favorite tournament is the British Open because of the
old-world atmosphere.

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