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Southern LiterBEARy Portraits
Doris Betts

Protrait by students of Mr. Priscilla Dollar's class,
Deep River Elementary School

by Heather T.

Doris Betts was born on June 4, 1932. She grew up in Statesville, NC and lived in Sanford, NC for many years. Doris was always interested in books. She was writing and reading before she ever went to school. Doris wrote lots of books and earned lots of awards. Doris served on the Sanford School Board. She preached in a Presbyterian church and cared for sixteen Arabian horses. When she wasn't working, she like riding motorcycles and horses. She also likes square dancing. At age 20, she married her husband, Lowry, and in 1954, she had her first child. She now has three grown children, and she and her husband live on a farm in Pittsboro, NC.