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Southern LiterBEARy Portraits
Jerry Bledsoe

Protrait by students of Mr. Priscilla Dollar's class,
Deep River Elementary School

by Christopher J.

Jerry Bledsoe was born in Danville, VA on July 15, 1941. When he was three months old, he moved to NC. He is now living in Asheboro, NC. Mr. Bledsoe has lived an interesting life in my opinion. He has been a Dairy Queen manager, a Biff Burger manager, a delivery truck driver, and a vending machine filler. He has ridden his bike the entire length of the Blue Ridge Parkway. Mr. Bledsoe collects books. He especially likes books about NC, true crime, and cook books! He founded the Down Home Press Publishing Company, which specializes in non-fiction books about the Carolinas and the South. He has learned to use the computer! If you ask Mr. Bledsoe, he will tell you there is nothing special about his life!

Jerry Bledsoe's advice to writers is to read. He didn't read much as a child and was not a good student in high school. He began writing while in the Army, because they made him do it. When writing, he does every type of research known, but most of it comes down to interviews. All of his books in one way or another turn out to be about NC. His most famous book is probably Bitter Blood, "an account of NC's most bizarre crime."