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Southern LiterBEARy Portraits
Jaki Shelton Green

Protrait by students of Mr. Priscilla Dollar's class,
Deep River Elementary School

by Whitney H.

Jaki Shelton Green was born in Efland, NC. As a child she "never saw pinks, yellows, or blues"; she created "reds, purples, blacks, and browns." Poetry is her favorite writing form. She has also always loved to draw. The research she has done for her art form has been so simple to her: weddings, funerals, family reunions, christenings, Easter Sunday services; "all the rituals that provide endless flowing color for my canvass."

Jaki Shelton Green also writes short stories and plays. The poet voice is so strong within her; it is very much a part of her stories as well. She says she encourages everyone to write, and to write all the things you cannot say. Write all the things that scare you; write until you are free - free enough to hear yourself and understand what you must say! Personally, I think that you need to read her work!