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Southern LiterBEARy Portraits
Carl Sandburg

Protrait by students of Mr. Priscilla Dollar's class,
Deep River Elementary School

by Michael B.

Carl Sandburg moved to North Carolina from Michigan because of goats! He bought a 240-acre farm at Flat Rock, NC, and there his goats had hills and year round pasteurage. His goats thrived, winning championships all over North and South America. So did Carl Sandburg, singing and playing his guitar for all his visitors; finding the quiet he needed for his work. Sandburg may be best noted for his biography of President Abraham Lincoln. His farm, named "Connemara," is open to the public. Flat Rock is an area where creative and talented people live and study and perform.

Carl Sandburg was a poet, novelist, and a biographer. He wrote very good poem books. Some of the poems were for little kids. They are funny, while others are serious. Mr. Sandburg used his background for ideas. He was a day laborer, soldier, and newspaperman. Although he is a midwesterner, he considered himself a North Carolina writer.