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Gritzley's Scrapbook of Beaufort,
South Carolina

photo of Gritzley on the playground
Gritzley at Port Royal Elementary School.

This is the Sams House. I learned that the Sams House was a special place in the Civil War. It was a hospital. It still exists today.

Postcard of the Sams House
pictures from the light house
Gritzley at the lighthouse.
Beaufort Memorial Hospital
I went to Beaufort Memorial Hospital. It was fun. I met some doctors. They had good looking uniforms. I also like their beds. I got to sit on one. They move too. Take a look at my picture and check it out.

drawing of the Beaufort Memorial Hospital
photo of Gritley at the Sands
Gritzley at the Sands.


created 8/9/02