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Gritzley's Scrapbook of Booneville, Mississippi

I have been to the most interesting place - Booneville, Mississippi - the City of Hospitality. Booneville is located in Prentiss County in the northeast corner of the state of Mississippi. Booneville was originally known as Cross Ridge and later Boone's Camp. The city was named after descendants of Daniel Boone and in 1870 was designated as the county seat. The population of Booneville, Mississippi is around 8,000 people.
I found out that the major agricultural products in Prentiss County include corn, soybeans, cotton and feed wheat. Industry in Booneville is divided into several classifications including furniture, metal works, plastics, apparel, and food processing. There are over 30 industries in the Booneville/Prentiss County Industrial Park employing over 4,100 people.
There are three schools in Booneville: Booneville High School, Booneville Middle School, and Anderson Elementary School. They have a neat website: I stayed at Booneville Middle during my trip. I spent most of my time in Mrs. Tammy Mauney's 7th grade science class and in Mrs. Brenda Scott's 7th grade gifted class. Their classrooms are located in the Booneville Environmental Education Center - a state of the art teaching facility.
One day I went to KidsTown, a one-of-a-kind playground located at the Westside City Park. This playground was built entirely by community volunteers. It took one week to build as people volunteered for three different shifts per day. This really showed me how Booneville was not only the City of Hospitality but also the City of Cooperation as over 2000 people worked together to build this unique place.

Booneville had many historical sites to see! One day I went downtown and saw a little red caboose. The caboose is about 30 years old and was purchased in 1998 by the Booneville Area Chamber of Commerce. It is parked at the old train depot. The first depot Booneville had was built before the Civil War. It was destroyed by Colonel Washington Lafayette Elliot of the 2nd Iowa Calvary during the battle of Booneville. Colonel Elliot had his men burn the Depot. This was common practice during the Civil War. The date the original depot was destroyed was May 30, 1862. The City of Booneville purchased and renovated the depot in 1997 for the purpose of housing the Booneville Area Chamber of Commerce.
Booneville is a really fun place! My new friends in Mississippi told me that the entire community shares in the good times during the October Fall Festival and annual Christmas Parade in December. They also said everybody shows up to cheer on the local youngsters marching in the Annual Fourth of July Parade before heading out to Bay Springs Lake for the fireworks extravaganza.
I definitely plan to come back to Booneville Mississippi! If you want to know more about this great city, go to their website: See you soon! Collectively complied by Mrs. Tammy Mauney's 7th grade science class at Booneville Middle School Booneville, Mississippi

Booneville Environmental Education Center

Ms. Mauney's 5th Period Class

Kids Town

The Red Caboose

Booneville Industrial Oark

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