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Gritzley's Scrapbook of Brookwood Forest Elementary School

Gritzley eating a Doodle with a "Waudo." Doodle's is a favorite "hangout" of our area. They serve all kinds of flavors of Italian ices and sorbets. Mrs. Champion, our school receptionist, owns Doodle's.
Our local library reopened in April. It is named for Emmet O'Neal, a former governor of Alabama. Gritzley got to pose in front of the new building.
When Gritzley went inside the new library, he couldn't help himself and he had to work on one of the new computer workstations.

The symbol for our community of Mountain Brook is an old mill on Mountain Brook Parkway. We tried to pose Gritzley in front of the house, but he was shy and hid in the trees. We took another picture without Gritzley, so you could see the house. The elderly man that lives in the mill was on the porch and we didn't want to disturb him.
Gritzley visited each of Mountain Brook's three villages. Here he is posing with the map of the villages that is in Crestline Village.

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updated 6/28/02