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Gritzley's Journal of North Marion Middle School

I was warmly welcomed to North Marion Middle School by Mrs. Yoder's 8th grade Reading class.
picture of students in front of school sign
Picture of Ms Dixon, Principal od NMMS
I was able to meet Ms. Dixon, NMMS principal.
I was at NMMS on Valentines Day. My new friends made me lots of colorful valentines. I even got a flower. I really felt loved.
Picture of Gritzley with Valentines
Picture of Gritzley in a Tangerine Tree
I took a trip to Marjorie Rawlings state park. This tangerine tree was on the trail. The tangerines looked so delicious. I just couldn't resist climbing right up and trying one.
I really enjoyed reading with Jackie during silent reading.
Picture of Gritzley and Student reading
Picture of Reading volunteer and student
Ms. King was a volunteer that came to Mrs. Yoder's class to read with the students.