Some words may conjure images of the South, but none trigger those visions as quickly as grits. Using this very Southern menu item as a symbol, SEIR*TEC offers students and teachers a full helping of online, curriculum-based activities and resources. Many online activities, lesson ideas, and reference materials are available to schools; so, how is GRITS different? GRITS––Great Resources for Integrating Technology in Schools––is connected to curriculum standards in reading/language arts, math, science, social studies, and instructional technology from the six southeastern states (Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, and South Carolina). Specific projects are sorted into four conceptual categories:

  • Gritzley
  • Southern Culture
  • Southern Trails, and
  • Southern People.

GRITS is a Web-based catalyst for engaging teachers in the development, use, and assessment of standards-based activities that promote collaborative, constructivist learning. The form and substance of the project is the result of intensive collaborative work among SEIR*TEC staff, consultants, and interdisciplinary teams of preK–16 educators from the SERVE region. Project work consists of:

  • Developing collaborative projects
  • Linking projects' content to state standards
  • Developing multiple means of assessing student learning
  • Designing professional development
  • Investigating emerging technologies that support the project goal

The project's content reflects a spectrum of relevant, interdisiplinary, and interwoven resources that support teachers from the Southeast as they become both active participants in the project's online activities and developers of their own problem based, standards-based learning ventures.