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Click on the pictures to download copyrightfree pictures of each state capital.

Alabama - Montgomery

Alabama Capitals - includes a brief history and pictures of each of the different state capitols since 1817

Tallahassee, Florida

Online Sunshine for Kids Florida Capital History

Florida Capital Facts

Atlanta, Georgia

History of the Capitol (no pictures)

Jackson, Mississippi
Mississippi State Capitol

Link to larger image of North Carolina state capital
North Carolina

NC State Capitol Building - history and chronology

NC State Capitol - NC Office of Archives & History

NC State Capitol Tour

History of the NC State Capitol Building

NC Executive Mansion - history and pictures

North Carolina Capitals - a chronology

NC State Capitol Building - teaching with historic places lesson

State Capitol - picture and facts

NC State Capitol - a short description by Joel Paek

Columbia, South Carolina

South Carolina State House - a virtual field trip (requires QuickTime)

South Carolina History - a brief history of the state of South Carolina

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