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Hello my name is Andy. I was just born a few minutes ago. I am an ant. I am a fire ant. I can sting people with my stinger. My mom is the queen ant but many worker ants help to raise me. I have thousands of brothers and sisters in our colony, but my favorite brothers are Danny, and Cody. My favorite sisters are Jenny, and Ashley.

I have 3 main parts they are (1) head, (2) the trunk, and (3) the metasoma. My 3 main body parts are the head, thorax, and abdomen. The foods I love to eat are caterpillars, leaves, and fungi. I live in the dirt. Our pack of ants makes our anthill out of dirt. I love to play in the dirt. Sometimes people kick our anthill so we build another one. When you look at our anthill you do not see a lot of our nest. Under the ground we have many paths that connect our different rooms together. We have sleeping rooms, nurseries for the young, food storage rooms and even garbage rooms that you can't see. What a cool house I live in!

There are 4 main ants of our bunch. They are the QUEEN ant, the male ant, the worker ant, and the solider. We each have very special jobs to do in our colony and when I get older I will be a soldier. My job will be to protect the colony from other insects that might want to steal our food or try to kill the young. I can use my poison and inject it into the enemy to do my job. My sisters will be mostly worker ants and they will have to keep the colony going by gathering the food and keeping the nest in order. Since I am not quite old enough to be a soldier yet, I'm still a pupa, I am learning what lies ahead. I've heard terrible stories from my older siblings about anteaters and pesticides. I do know that since I live in the United States, I don't need to worry about anteaters, but, pesticides is another story. I've heard that "those giant humans" are using granules and sprays to try and kill all my relatives and me off. I suppose that if I feel the ground rattling I better get my six legs in action.

Oh... What's happening? My body is changing. I feel so different. I'M A SOLDIER ANT! Well, I must be going now, because as you know, we ants work as a group and my real job has just begun. I'm off to defend the troops. Bye.

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