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Autobugography Project

In this project, classes will combine their science and research skills with creative writing to compose "Auto-bug-ographies" of insects in their neighborhoods.

Project Summary
Although often unpopular and unwanted intruders, insects are a necessary part of our ecosystems. Now that spring is here, invite your students to explore their surroundings and become more aware and knowledgeable of insects lurking in their own backyards.

This online project provides classes opportunities to combine scientific research with creative writing. Each participating class will explore their surroundings in search of insects that they will research for the purpose of creating "auto-bug-ographies." Auto-bug-ographies are short stories written from the insect's point-of-view (first person), and each must be accompanied by the insect's digital portrait. To encourage interaction among the participating classes, teachers' e-mail addresses will be included with the auto-bug-ographies.

A confirmation e-mail will be sent to participating classes.

Grade Level - K-8

Project Objectives
This project provides an opportunity for classes to combine creative writing with research as they learn about insects found in their communities.

Language Arts, Creative Writing, Science, Mathematics, Technology

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Updated 06/19/02