Hello, I am a Bee Fly. You can call me Muhammad Ali. I have butterfly wings and a bee stinger. My mom is a bee and my dad is a butterfly. I am very mean and ferocious. You may think it is weird but it is perfectly normal. Now here is the story of my life.

I was born on September 27, 1989. When I was 5 years old, my parents set me free. Life was very difficult. First, I almost got hit by a fly swatter. Next I almost got hit by a car. Then, I lost my head but it grew back. I eat praying mantis. On my sixth birthday, I went to Africa to eat virus-contained mosquitoes. I got very sick. I was starting to go back home, but I couldn't fly. A fish ate me and crossed the ocean, and spat me out on shore.

I barely made it home. When I got there, my parents took me to the hospital, and I got well again. One day, I joined a bee army and became part of their air force. We were at war with termites. The termites killed me, but I have 10 lives, so that's okay. When I told my parents they cried so loud, that you could hear from the North Pole.

I was born in Tampa Bay, Florida, but I hated it there, so I moved to Denver, Colorado later. I really enjoyed it there. Later, I lost 8 of my last 9 lives. Next time I die I will be gone forever (crud!) So I better be careful. I am planning to go bungee jumping next year. I hope I don't die. Today is my seventh birthday and I'm trying out for the Jacksonville Jaguars. I'm trying out for cornerback. I hope that I'd be their first draft pick. Wish me luck!

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