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I am a beetle. My habitat is dry,dead leaves on the ground,I can also burrow into the ground. My menu is other small insects,like nats or ants for example.

I came from an egg and my life style is pretty much hunt, eat, sleep, get hunted,run for my life, try not to get eaten, and the occasional dodging of humans. My habitat helps me with camouflage. How it helps me is because my color (red and gray) blends in with the red and dark colored leaves.

My life cycle is first an egg,then I'm larva,after that,I go to the pupa stage,next,I'm a nymph,last I'm an adult. Now I'm an adult looking back on my life and putting it into this auto-bug-ography.

Some of my worst predators are those pesky birds. They're always hunting me and eating me. Well, that's all I have to say about the story of my life so I guess this is where my story ends.

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