A Beetles Life Head
First when I opened my eyes it looked as if I went from world to world. The first thing I did was go out of my mom's burrow and find food, but my mother already had food for me. I ate ravenously at the ants that were in front of me. Instead of going outside to get food this time I went outside to explore.The bright sunshine blinded me at first but I soon got used to it. The first thing I saw was a tomato patch two feet away from me. I also saw I was under a bush that looked gigantic to me. I saw an ant scuttling around the bush.

I didn't know how to hunt so I looked pleadingly at my mom. I watched very closely as she bit him with her teeth and then swallowed him. I tried it to an ant that was sniffing a crumb and after three attempts I finally succeeded! I swallowed him proudly and then looked around for more adventure.

I thought I would take an hour walk to the sidewalk. I was surprised how many obstacles there were. I dodged sticks, I went under mulch, and climbed over leaves. I wasn't to good at climbing because I fall backwards and land on my back. Finally I got there. I went to the other side of the sidewalk and climbed up a bank.

Then all of a sudden I felt a bump. An ant crawled up my back and started biting me. I turned my head and bit him. Then he fell off my back and lay there dead. I was hungry so I ate him up. Then I tried to dig a burrow. It was hard at first but then I got the hang of it. When I was finished I lay down and took a nap.

When I awoke I was hungry so I got up and looked for breakfast. I came by a cluster of small flies. I hid behind a bush so they couldn't see me. Then I waited till they were two inches away from me and then I pounced and wrestled with them until they were dead. Then I ate them all up.

Then I did some more exploring. When I looked around I saw there were more animals than my prey and me. There were things that fly and even things that had the same pattern on each wing. While I was watching them a huge hand almost picked me up, but I ran behind a bush. When I came out a flying thing was going full speed toward me. I ducked and the flying thing went sprawling across the ground. He didn't bother to chase me anymore.

Then this time a giant hand got me. He went into a building and and opened lots of stuff. Finally went outside, but he went inside again then went outside. He finally put me on the ground. Home at last.

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