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One day I, Martin, was buttering my legs, when I spilled the butter. So, I had to go get some more. I got on the bus to go to the Butter Hose. When I got there, there was no butter!

So, I had to go all the way to North Arabia to get the butter! About one hundred birds tried to eat my half-buttered legs! Finally, after three years, I got there. They had the best butter ever!

After I got my legs buttered, I went home. All the girls loved my buttery legs! Once I told them about my trip to Arabia, I only saw one girl, Ruby, that was interested in my story. Three months after we met, we got married. She loved the ring. We had Cherry Crumb Cake at the reception. We got great presents at the housewarming party. We live in the oak tree next to the bench in the park.

We had triplets! Their names are Bob, Bill, and Chloe. They were the most beautiful Butterbugs in the universe. Bob and Bill were the best baseball players in our state. Chloe on the other hand was 3 time Little Miss. Universe. Soon they were in college. Chloe majored in being a teacher. Bob and Bill majored in doctoring. They all got married to wonderful spouses. One month ago Ruby died, now I'm alone.

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