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When I was little I was born on a milkweed plant and then I started eating the milkweed. As I grow older I see animals that have their skin growing along with them. There is only one problem, my skin doesn't grow along with me! Instead my skin grows tight around me. Now I am preparing to throw my tight skin off. A small slit appears in my skin then I wiggle out of the slit. I feel much more comfort-able now because I have soft skin. It feels like heaven. I spend one week eating and sleeping, eating and sleeping, and eating and sleeping. Yes, I only have only one more week till I have to make my chrysalis and turn into a beautiful monarch butterfly! Now I think I might go eat some yummy milkweed

Today is my day, today is my day! I'm going to find some friends that are caterpillars just like me! Today is my day!

"Hey Danaus plexippuis," said a mean paper wasp.
"Huh?" I asked puzzled.

"You better watch out" said the paper wasp angrily." I haven't eaten yet so I might want to suck your blood!"

"Help!" I cried." This is the end," I thought. Right as I thought that I heard wings flap then I was swooped up from the ground in a butterflies grip! I was sweating so badly it was raining on the paper wasp!

When we landed I thanked the butterfly so many times that I lost my voice. I crawled away and thought," No more friend hunting for me, I've had enough."

Time was flying by so fast I didn't realize that I had to start my chrysalis! Yes, it is finally time! So I climbed up a tree and started spinning. After one month I woke up from my sleep. I started wiggling out of my chrysalis.

Walla, I was a beautiful butterfly! After my wings dried out I flew off and thought. "Maybe one of my caterpillar friends need saving."

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