"Who's Lady?" I said when I was born. About an hour later, after every one had met me I was in a Cassia tree looking at a golden field when my father called and said, "Honey want to have some lunch?" I nodded yes but I didn't want to but then I said "no" my Father then said, "Come on" I said, "OK". I found out then and there that my favorite food was aphids.

A day later I had already got a best friend, her name was Samantha. She was good at hide and go seek and she was very nice. She had saved me when I met her. Tommy, a little boy, picked me up and yelled, "Mommy, mommy, look today is my lucky day! I found a ladybug! But he dropped me when Samantha crawled up his leg. I was now already 3 days old. My mom was a beautiful 5-spotted Ladybug with little beady eyes. My dad was also a 5-spotted ladybug that has big wings and a nice personality. I have millions of brothers and sisters so I won't mention their names. Theirs also my aunt Mary. She has a few screws lose but that's okay.

Well I forgot to tell you about Bug City. There's the honey store with fresh honey straight from Huckle Berries Hive. There's also the Spring Carnival. It has Worm Roller Coaster were you ride in a little car attached to worms. There's the Fly -Fairs -Wheel were flies fly in circles while you ride on their backs. And best of all is the Spring Carnival will be here tomorrow and my dad is going to take me there.

Today will be a fun day. Was telling my dad "First, we'll play the games, Then we'll ride the Fly-Fair's-Wheel 2 times then play more games then..." Slow down" my father interrupted. I'm just so exited! I now dear but we'll have fun, I promise. The next day was fun dad kept his promise we rode each ride at least two times when we left I was so tired! I can't wait till tomorrow!

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