One quiet summer morning Lila the ladybug woke up from sleeping. As usual she was on her luscious green leaf bed.

The actual leaf belonged to the holly bush that belonged to the Caper family. She thought it belonged to her though.

I stretched, then yawned, and concluded I was hungry. I want some aphids for breakfast. I wonder if there are any awake. So I set off to the Caper's garden.

I ate until I was so full that I could hardly move. I love to eat aphids that are fresh!

Maybe I can take a long rest to let my tummy settle now. I said.

When I woke up I was feeling much better. Than I yelled HELP! The lawn mower was racing toward me. I was out of breath. HELP! I yelled again! I fell to the ground. The lawn mower was getting closer and closer. Just then Wally Wasp and Beatrice Bee came just in time to rescue me! "Thank you! I was almost chopped all to pieces!," I said out of breath! My heart was pounding like a rain hitting the roof!

"Well you are so welcome! We are always glad to help a friend in need. No matter if they are getting run over by a lawn mower or stuck in a spider's web. We try to be right there to help." Said Beatrice. Then she and Wally flew away.

Now what? I asked myself. I know! I'll go visit Mom and Dad. I flew off to the Ticker's yard where they lived.

When I landed I flapped my flight wings real hard then lowered my elytra. Then called to Mom and Dad!
"Lila is that you?" Mom yelled back.

"Oh, Lila you never visit. You know we worry about if you find enough aphids or if you fall in a pool or anything that will harm you. You are our baby and our only girl. All of your brothers have grown up and moved a..." My dad stopped my mom.

"Honey, give Lila some room." My dad said.

"I am sorry, it is just that you never visit us." Mom apologized

"Let's go to the garden. It's about lunch time." Said Mom.

"I wish the Tickers had some aphids in their yard. "Said my dad as we walked."

"Larry, be thankful for what you have. At least we have something to fill our bellies." Mom disciplined.

"Well let's eat" I said. So we ate some mealy bugs.

After we ate I said "I must be getting home. I am spending the night with Lilly tonight." So we said our good-buys and I left for home.

As soon as I got home I packed some clothes, and set off to the park to the big oak tree where Lily lived.

After we played I told her about my day and all my adventures.

That is an ordinary day in the life of a ladybug.

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