Hello my name is lucky. I am a seven-spotted lady beetle. Let me tell you a little bit about ladybugs. There not only red with black dots but with red, white, or yellow. Lady bugs a very small and hard to find. That's why I cant understand why I got stepped on, I will get to that later. I wanted to tell you about my life even though I am somewhat um dead. It started when I was a little egg. It was a nice egg and I got used to it. You've got to understand that eggs don't just hatch. My moment came and I hatched. It was weird because this place was enormous. To my egg and to me. To the fact that I was terribly small.

Humans probably couldn't see me. Their eyesight isn't that good. Then the days went on learning to fly was fairly easy, but something harder was walking across a stick on the ground. There are lots of things that could happen to a little bug like me. Let's not get off the subject. I have a lot of friends like Cocky the roach, Buzz the bee, and the one I haven't seen in a long time Henry the beetle. Well the days went bye and the weeks. One day it happened. I found it. It was a perfect hibiscus plant. The thing I was afraid about living there was it was a school. But wait could it be. It was! Henry they beetle! He is acutely he is a lady beetle but he isn't really a lady. I knew it was safe so I took my bags and settled in a hibiscus flower. I stayed there for a long time before someone captured Henry. An ant jumped on him. Down he went, until someone took me! They put me in a plastic cup. Their hand was placed over me. And I flew away on a tree someone took my picture. I stayed there. It was a very nice tree. Days I stayed there. There were caterpillars there I got to know very well. One day I heard terrible news. OH NO!! Henry has gotten killed. I felt awful. Me, lucky the ladybug was no longer lucky. I went back to my tree. And stayed there for a week. One day the tree got shaky. I lost my balance. I fell and I got stepped on. I am dead. That was the last of me.

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